Michael E. Nash


Integration Developer

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My Resume(PDF)

I am an Software Engineer at Spatial Networks, where I work on Fulcrum.

I am a graduate of The Iron Yard St Petersburg’s Ruby on Rails program. I am also a former academic, with an MA in Chinese History from Columbia and years of travel and language experience around Asia.

Professionally, I work on databases and write scripts that manipulate data and load it into a database for financial services web portals in Java and Groovy. My personal projects include converting this page and my blog into a Rails app, working through the problems on exercism (so far I have made the most progress on the ruby and groovy tracks), and learning React.js and Grails. I am also working on a suite of csv parsing tools in Python called Asparagus.

Programming Languages:

I am also proficient in SQL, using Oracle and Postgres databases, Git, deployment to Heroku, as well as in Chinese langauge, history, and economics topics.

My Work

Cream of the Crop

Iron Yard Final Project
The most interesting bit is match generation here.
Portfolio 1


Iron Yard Project with Duncan Neal
The most interesting bit is use of the acts_as_followable gem for a Timeline here.
Portfolio 2


Iron Yard Project with Kelly Bristol
The most interesting bit is the way I implemented a cart system here.
Portfolio 3

Ryma -- Luggage Tracking

Built for Hack Hospitality Hackathon August 2017
Check out the rails 5 API here.
Portfolio 4