Michael E. Nash


Integration Developer

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My Resume

I am an Software Engineer at Spatial Networks, where I work on Fulcrum.

I am a full-stack web software developer with an academic background in Chinese History. I currently work in both React/Javascript and Ruby on Rails, with some Python scripting and Docker work as well. I graduated from The Iron Yard code school in St. Petersburg (now the Suncoast Developers Guild) in August 2015. I am also enrolled part-time in the Georgia Tech Online Master of Science in Computer Science degree program.

In addiiton to my full time professional work, my coding side projects include learning Go, Elixir, Machine Learning/TensorFlow, and IoT projects.

Programming Languages:

I am also proficient in SQL, using Oracle and Postgres databases, Git, deployment to Heroku, as well as in Chinese langauge, history, and economics topics.

My Work

Ryma -- Luggage Tracking

Built for Hack Hospitality Hackathon August 2017
Check out the rails 5 API here.
Portfolio 4

Pricing Service

Flask/Python Project to Set Up a Service for Watching Website prices
The most interesting bit is alert notifications here.
Portfolio 2


Iron Yard Project with Kelly Bristol
The most interesting bit is the way I implemented a cart system here.
Portfolio 3

Cream of the Crop

Iron Yard Final Project
The most interesting bit is match generation here.
Portfolio 1